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Mulch Delivery Guys, with their corporate offices, is the market leader in recycled rubber products for residential, commercial and municipal landscaping and playground applications. Its ever-growing line of products, give once discarded tires a second life, beautifying homes, businesses, parks and play areas across the country and around the world.

Mulch Delivery Guys opened its doors for business in late 2000, and how the business began is best told as a narrative focused on the core principle of belief. Mike and Cindy Miller started Mulch Delivery Guys with a product called Rubberific Mulch®, a realistically textured and colored rubber groundcover that looks identical to wood mulch. With past experience in both real estate and construction, they knew all to well the bi-annual hassle of raking up old mulch, and laying new mulch, only to repeat the process all over again in a few months. Rubberific Mulch would not fade, rot, compact or attract insects like its bark brother, while maintaining its original beauty for years with little maintenance. They believed that consumers were ready for a change, but they needed to test the market and gauge the response from a national audience of consumers. With their two sons, Tim and Tom, they hit the road and set up at trade shows from Modesto to Maine. The response was overwhelming as consumers clamored for the product based on its beauty, longevity and unequalled safety.

The company did not rest on its laurels, and since its inception, has constantly been developing new uses and applications for recycle rubber. They know that there are tens of millions of tires in scrap yards around the country, and each year we generate an additional 300 million tires in the United States. The company is proud of the countless consumers who have embraced recycled rubber, and as of today, Mulch Delivery Guys will have recycled more than 300,000,000 pounds of rubber.

They pledge to continue producing only the industry’s best recycled rubber products, and they will do it the same way they always have…one tire at a time.

Well, look no further!

Mulch Delivery Guys has been providing the area with top-notch mulch and stones since 1994. Under the leadership of Tom Hornbeck, we are not only able to provide quality products and services to our customers, but we also educate them about ways to improve their gardens and landscapes. Tom is a graduate of the University of Western Kentucky with a degree in agriculture. We have a wide variety of mulch and stones to choose from. Our mulch comes in many different shades and textures to fit into anyone's unique design scheme.

Mulch Delivery Guys is open seven days a week, and unlike most mulch businesses, we offer pickup and delivery. Please continue to browse our website for more information about our products.

Feel free to top by our convenient location to see all we have to offer! 800-401-0980

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